Wooden display stand with four tiers
Customizable wooden display stand with branding
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Wooden display stand with Personalization
Portable wooden display stand for craft shows

4-Tier Wooden Display Stand - 20 inch | Countertop Riser for Soap, Candles and Tumblers

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Our collapsible 4-tier wooden display stand is designed to showcase your products beautifully at craft shows, markets, and retail stores. Made from high-quality birch plywood, this stand combines durability with an elegant, natural finish. Whether you’re selling soaps, candles, tumblers, or jewelry, this versatile display riser ensures your items are presented in the best light, catching the eye of every customer.

Benefits of Our Wooden Display Stand

Lightweight and Portable

Our wooden display stand is crafted from high-quality birch plywood, making it incredibly lightweight without compromising on strength. This design ensures that the stand is easy to carry and transport, a crucial feature for artisans and vendors who move frequently between craft shows and markets. 

Quick Assembly

Designed with convenience in mind, our display stand can be assembled in minutes without the need for any tools. The flat-pack design includes interlocking pieces that fit together seamlessly, allowing for quick and straightforward setup. This feature is particularly beneficial for vendors who need to set up and dismantle their booths rapidly, saving valuable time and reducing the stress associated with booth preparation. The intuitive design ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical skills, can easily assemble and disassemble the stand, making it an ideal choice for busy market environments.

Sturdy Design

Don't let its lightweight nature fool you—our display stand is engineered for strength and reliability. Each tier is designed to hold substantial weight, ensuring that your products remain secure and stable throughout the event. The robust construction can support a wide range of items, from heavy ceramics, mugs and glassware to lighter products like candles and soaps. This durability is essential for maintaining a professional and organized display, helping to attract customers and prevent accidents that could damage your merchandise.


We understand the importance of branding and creating a cohesive look for your booth. That’s why our wooden display stand offers customization options, allowing you to add your logo or any text to the top of the display. This feature not only enhances the professional appearance of your setup but also helps in building brand recognition and attracting customers. Additionally, if you have specific size requirements, we offer custom-sized displays to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your display stand fits perfectly within your booth space and complements your overall presentation.


In today’s environmentally conscious market, sustainability is a significant selling point. Our display stands are made from sustainably sourced birch plywood, which is both durable and eco-friendly. By choosing our product, you are making a responsible choice that aligns with the growing demand for sustainable products. The natural finish of the plywood also adds a touch of rustic elegance to your display, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your booth while demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our wooden display stand solves the problem of unorganized and cluttered booths. Its tiered design allows for maximum visibility of your products, ensuring that customers can easily see and access each item.

Versatile Usage

  • Craft Shows: Display your handmade crafts, from soaps to candles, with style.
  • Retail Stores: Perfect for showcasing small items like jewelry and accessories.
  • Markets: Attract customers with an organized and appealing presentation of your products.
  • Home Decor: Use it as a display rack for your favorite collectibles.
  • Special Events: Enhance the presentation of promotional items at fairs and festivals.

Choosing our wooden display stand means investing in quality and versatility. Unlike other stands, ours is both lightweight and incredibly sturdy, making it perfect for frequent use at various events. The customization option ensures that your brand stands out, creating a cohesive and professional look for your booth. Our commitment to using eco-friendly materials also means you’re making a sustainable choice.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: High-quality birch plywood
  • Tiers: 4
  • Assembled Dimensions:
    • Height: 19" (48cm)
    • Width: 22" (56cm)
    • Depth: 17" (43cm)
  • Shelf Dimensions:
    • Width: 20" (50cm)
    • Height: 4" (10cm)
    • Depth: 4" (10cm)

Transform your display setup with our versatile wooden display stand. Perfect for craft shows, retail environments, and beyond, it’s designed to make your products shine. Order yours today and see the difference a professional, organized display can make!

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