Wooden Sticker Display Rack with 35 Pockets
Collapsible Sticker Display Stand Front View
Assembled Multi-Tiered Sticker Display Stand
Side View of Collapsible Sticker Display Rack
Detailed view of wooden display stand construction
Compact and Portable Sticker Display Stand
Versatile Wooden Display Stand for Stickers
Close-Up of Pocket Sections on Display Stand
Collapsible Display Stand in Use
Easy Assembly Components of Display Stand
Multi-Tiered Wooden Sticker Display Stand

35 Pocket Sticker Display Stand - Collapsible Wooden Display Rack

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Introducing our versatile and stylish sticker display stand, perfect for showcasing your sticker collections and packs. This collapsible sticker display stand is made from premium 3mm plywood, ensuring both durability and a lightweight design for easy transport. With its 5-tier structure and 35 pockets, each measuring 8 cm wide, 15 cm tall, and 5 cm deep, this display rack offers ample space to organize and present your stickers attractively. Ideal for craft fairs, retail stores, and trade shows, our sticker display stand not only enhances the visibility of your products but also adds a touch of elegance to your display setup.

Benefits of Our Sticker Display Stand

  • Personalization: Customize with your logo or text using laser engraving for a unique branded look.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from durable 3mm plywood, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Ample Display Space: Features 35 pockets for displaying a variety of sticker designs.
  • Multi-Tiered Design: 5-tier structure for organized and visually appealing presentation.
  • Elegant Aesthetic: Natural wood finish complements any retail or craft fair setup.
  • Easy Assembly and Portability: Collapsible design for simple assembly and compact storage.

With its structured design, it ensures that each sticker pack is neatly arranged and easily accessible to customers. The multi-tiered layout provides a clear view of all products, enhancing customer experience and potentially increasing sales. Its sturdy construction prevents accidental toppling, ensuring your display remains intact throughout events.

Usage Suggestions

  • Retail Stores: Perfect for enhancing store displays with an organized presentation of stickers, attracting customer attention.
  • Craft Fairs: Stand out at craft fairs with a professional and portable display solution, showcasing your stickers beautifully.
  • Trade Shows: Make a memorable impression at trade shows with a stand that highlights the variety of your sticker products.
  • Gift Shops: Ideal for displaying an assortment of greeting cards, bookmarks, and stickers.
  • Educational Institutions: Use the stand to organize and display educational materials and motivational stickers.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Premium eco-friendly 3mm plywood;
  • Pocket Size: Each section measures W 8 cm, H 15 cm, D 5 cm (3.15" W x 5.91" H x 1.97" D);
  • Dimensions: W 62 cm, H 85 cm (24.41" W x 33.46" H), D 30 cm (11.81" D);
  • Capacity: 35 sections arranged on 5 tiers;
  • Design Features: Collapsible design for easy transportation and installation.

Ready to elevate your sticker display game? Our collapsible sticker display stand is the perfect solution for showcasing your products with style and efficiency. Whether you're setting up in a retail store, at a craft fair, or attending a trade show, this stand ensures your stickers are presented in the best possible way. Click "Add to Cart" now and transform your display setup today!

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